Beginners Candle Making with video Instructions

Welcome to your introduction to candle making from home.
A simple mini course to get you started from your kitchen.

It contains step by step videos, templates and a list of suppliers.

A fabulous way to get a taster for candle making.

Online Course - Everything you need to know to start your dream candle making business

In times where everything is competitive, you have to get ahead of your game. You are ambitious, creative and ready for change. Now more than ever is the right time to start your new venture.
Becoming a Chandler (Candle Maker) takes time and experience but this course will give you all the information you need to progress much faster.
Yes, you can watch the You Tube videos and join the groups on social media groups but you will get overwhelmed with too many conflicting reports or other peoples opinions. It's better to learn from a business already having success.

When I started my business a few years ago, I struggled to find good information, there were only a handful of suppliers with limited wax, fragrance and vessels. Now we seem spoilt for choice but which suppliers should we use, what wax, which oils?

These are all questions answered on the course, helping you to make the correct choices for your business.
This is the complete guide to creating, building and growing your business.

Beginners Group Workshop

Would you like to make candles but don't know where to start?
This workshop is a great introduction to candle making. learning in a small group, you will gain the knowledge with confidence to go away and continue testing and soon be on your way to your very own business.
You may simply want to learn for a new hobby or to make gifts for friends and family. ( You are still required to add compliance labels on products even if they are not being sold)

What we will cover:

🟧  Container candles - Practical Session
🟧  Waxes, Wicks, Fragrance/Essential oils
🟧  Safety and Compliance, Testing and Batches, Trouble shooting
🟧  Pricing and Selling
🟧  Packaging and Marketing

One to One - Day Session

Build Your Dream Home Fragrance Business

Building a brand takes time and experience, let me help you eliminate a lot of mistakes often made in the early stages, that cost too much time and money. We can spend a full day together going through the steps required to start a business.

What we cover:

🟧   Ideas, Niche, Hopes and desires
🟧  Limbic System, Aromachology, Aromatherapy
🟧  Wax, Wicks, Containers, Equipment, Suppliers
🟧  Legislation, Product Safety, Insurance
🟧  Testing, Records, Packaging
🟧  Branding, Marketing, Pricing for Retail and Wholesale
🟧  I deal Customer
🟧  Practical Session

Stylish Stalls for Success

The Ultimate guide to - Finding Events, Booking, Showcasing and Selling your Products, Inspiration, including Downloads and Cheat Sheets.

🟧 Are you a candle or wax melt maker and looking to exhibit at a craft fair or event and no idea where to start.
🟧  Where to find them and what to do after booking.
🟧  What is the etiquette at an event.
🟧  How to set up a stall and sell successfully.
🟧  How to engage with  customers

Talking Scents - Power Hour

An hour with me to talk through anything

🟧  Do you struggle with inspiration
🟧  Ready to launch but keep making excuses
🟧  Cannot seem to get the right formula
🟧  Not sure where to sell
🟧  Don't know who your ideal customer is
🟧  Have imposter syndrome

EDUCATE - MOTIVATE - HELP and INSPIRE you, whether that's for a hobby, secondary income or to build a full time business

Creators Log Book 

Stay Organized:
With The Creators Log Book, you can easily keep track of your progress. From documenting the product concept  to tracking milestones, this book will help keep everything in order for even the most ambitious projects.
(Candle Making only )

Beverly Jeffreys

 "This was one of the best candle workshops I've attended. Jane was extremely  accommodating  and knowledgeable on everything and items relating to candle making. She clarified my ideas of branding and importance of correct formulas."

Rebecca Jauncey

 "I loved the day, thoroughly enjoyed it. I like the fact it's one to one and you have Jane to guide you. Her knowledge and expertise are amazing. The fact it's interactive with the scents and practical element really brings it to life and enjoyable. Very informative and the legal elements are interesting and important. Great day had by me. I would highly recommend " 

Rachel Mellor

 "Thoroughly enjoyed my training with Jane. Learnt everything I hoped for and lot's more! Jane was very patient and explained things well and made sure I understood what we were doing before moving on. fabulous!." 

 "6 months ago I embarked on an adventure of a lifetime. I came to see Jane at her studio for 1:1 tuition with a folder full of ideas, a head full of dreams. Jane was professional, informative and inspiring. I left feeling confident that I was doing the right thing, that time, the effort and the investment in my candle ideas would prosper one day. 
I was not disappointed. 6 months later I launched my business and within weeks was being approached by shops and unable to keep up with orders. 
The dream is now a reality thanks to Jane and her expertise. She provides ongoing support and is always on point with her advice. 
Do not think twice about enlisting Jane's help, it could make all the difference." 

Lisa Joyce
Aphrodite Candles