10 Marketing Ideas You Can Use Today To Help Grow Your Business

Marketing is vital to grow your business. It doesn't have to cost a lot, in fact some of these ideas won't cost you a penny.

Marketing doesn't have to cost the earth, you already have your mobile phone, tablet or laptop and most of all...yourself!

Let's have a look at a few ways you can market your business for free or for a small outlay.

1 - Social Media

The most obvious choice and still free. If your content resonates with your customers, they will like, engage and share your business and Facebook will start showing customers more of your content.

It doesn't matter what platform you use, just keep your ideal customer at the heart of your content. Don't try to do ALL the platforms, find the one your customer will hang out on and then turn up consistently. If you try to do more than a couple then you may well get overwhelmed. Turning up consistently doesn't mean you have to post every hour of every day, this is just not sustainable or necessary.

Posting 2 to 3 times a week is totally acceptable and mixing things up with written posts, video, live's and reels is the best way.

2 - Email List

For me building an email list is my top priority. 

It's the one thing you always own, imagine if you lost your social media account to a hacker. Having an email list means you can always be in touch with your customers. 

Due to GDPR you must get permission from people to send out an email. Don't just send out to anyone as this will result in Spam and you get your account shut down.

Use a system like Mailerlite or Mailchimp, both have free options and are easy to use.

Tempt people to sign up to your list by offering freebies, vouchers, samples. Make sure you have a sign up form on your website.

3 - E-Marketing

Once you've started an email list, then you can market on a regular basis. 

Some do daily, weekly or monthly. The email providers give you fabulous templates to send out an e-newsletter, let customers know the news in the business, new products, tips, events you may attend.

If you are a wellbeing brand, you may want to send articles to help your customers, it's all about relationship building.

Don't try to sell in every email. This will always result in unsubscribes but when you do have something to promote, your customers are more likely to purchase.

4 - Video

We all have a smart phone or tablet, you may have a webcam? all of these will make great video and for free. You do not need to spend £100's on professional video.

This is such a great way to let your customer see you, the face behind the business. The part that cannot be copied.

Share the behind the scenes, showcase your new products, let them see how to use your products correctly.

None of us like to see ourselves on video or hear our voice but trust me, it does get easier the more you do it. The great thing with video is you can delete and start again but don't over think it. 

5 - Put an advert in a shop 

It might be old fashioned marketing but these can still work.

Does your local shop/post office let you put a flyer up? If so put a short snappy post about your business. Grab the attention of local people even you only sell online.

Think about where your ideal customer is, maybe ask the local hair salon or florist if you can leave some flyers. Better still, they may let you leave a candle with some flyers, it gives people a chance to see the quality and have a smell.

6 - PR

When you get featured in magazines, on TV, the radio, for free, that's PR. 

Pitching your business doesn't have to be difficult, you do need to find the right contact at the magazine though and you have to keep trying, journalists get 100's of pitches every day and you need to grab their attention.

They are always looking for new products to feature and great stories. I'd advise you do some research into the type of magazines your customers will read, otherwise you're just wasting time pitching.

Not all PR results in sales, most often it is giving your business visibility and also credibility. It is someone else saying how good your products are and that's priceless.

7 - Network

Does everyone in your circle know what you do?

~Friends and Family

~Children's Teachers

~Work Colleagues

~Local Businesses

Not of all of these people will want what you sell but they may know people that do.

Word of mouth is one of the best forms of marketing. Take some time to let all these people know what you have to offer. 

There's no point being the best kept secret, that doesn't bring in sales!

8 - Competitions

These can work well if aimed at the right customer, you don't want to attract the wrong one's, those who only want a freebie!

Make sure they sign up with an email, as this will help to grow your list. Promote on your social media but send them to a landing page to collect their email.

A landing page is where you will give details of the prize, your business and T & C's easily created on Mailerlite, Mailchimp or, your own website by creating a hidden page.

Depending on your niche, think about collaborating with other complimentary businesses to offer a higher value prize.

This will also widen your audience as all parties involved advertise the competition.

9 - Blogs

If you have a website you have the ability to blog. It is a  great way to get found on the internet as search engines love them.

Write about topics relevant to your niche, then share on your social media, use in your email newsletters. You can re-purpose the content over again.

10 - Email Signature

How many emails do you send out to people every week, not just your customers.

Have an email signature, this is at the bottom of an email where you sign your name.

If you use an email provider then you may have the ability to edit your own. If not use Canva to make one.  

Add your website and social media links and you could also add an offer if you wish.

So if you aren't already doing some of the suggestions, give them a go, sales will only come when you tell people about your business.

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