Excel and Elevate Retreat January 2022

All about the retreat experience

It's so important in business to take time out to work on both yourself and your business.

The whole reason why I offered a retreat to my candle making community. I hosted the three day event at my studio in Derbyshire and we stayed at a hotel out into the Peak District, just 20 minutes away. 

The ladies arrived on the Saturday morning, most from London and Clare from Henley on Thames. We kicked things off with a workshop all about knowing our ideal customer and niching the brand. We did this using a mood board, I believe we learn better this way using visuals. Once we have the mood board, we then use this to remind us of our audience each time we do any marketing, or product development. 

We then headed off to our hotel in Matlock Bath, our home for two nights. A little chill time before dinner. 

We all came together in the evening for dinner, a time to connect and get to know each other. 

Sunday, day two. After breakfast we made use of the hotel lounge and I did a very informal talk about PR, it's importance, how I achieved publicity for my business and how to secure PR for their business. We got a little distracted by a group of ladies who had used the outdoor swimming pool, one of which started to make very strange noise's, she had become too cold and it had an adverse affect, it all ended well though!

Four of us then took a drive to Chatsworth House and walked through the grounds, blowing away those cobwebs and using the time to brainstorm between ourselves. It really is beautiful place, somewhere I never tire of.

We arrived back at the hotel for another chill time and that evening we checked out the local pub for dinner. 

We didn't starve over the weekend, I think we all ate more than normal.

Monday morning, day three. Bags were packed and we all headed back over to the studio. I had arranged for a professional photographer to host a workshop, to teach how to take great photos using our smartphones.

Charlotte was great, it was fully interactive and we learnt so much. She then took professional images of everyone, which resulted in using the outdoors space, photographers see things in ways we don't, what is a battered door in need of paint to us, is a creative backdrop to them. 

After lunch it was time to depart back to London and Henley. 

The three days just flew by, we all got along so well and the ladies left feeling inspired and well equipped to move forward with their business and a head full of ideas. 

I am really looking forward to seeing them all flourish and catching up with them on their bonus - Talking Scents - Power Hours.

You can register your interest in further retreats https://thecandlecoach.newzenl...

P.S Highly recommend Charlotte our photographer, check out her business https://studioanicca.co.uk/