Henoby Aromas - Brand Showcase

Joanna had a 1:1 Day with me, she has kindly answered questions sharing her journey from the start to where she is today.

An open and honest interview with Joanna from Henoby Aromas

Q - How and what made you decide you wanted to make candles/wax melts and turn it into a business?

A - I like a lot of people was made redundant during the first lockdown. It was a shock but on reflection I knew I didn't want to continue in my previous career. I had always enjoyed being creative but never really had the time to explore it fully. I decided to use the time to research options of working for myself. I knew what ever I did it had to be doable from home. Having had dogs for over twenty years home fragrance was something I was interested in and I started to research candles / wax melts.

Q - Where did you start your research, what made you decide to take my course/1:1 Day ?

A - I started researching you tube videos of " how to " ordered some basic bits from Amazon and some books. I joined a few Facebook groups for wax makers. I had seen on line courses for making candles and melts and I wondered if any one local to me offered an in person course. A quick Google search and Jane's name came up not only did she offer 1-1 courses she was luckily for me based in my home town. I made the decision to start with just wax melts and I booked a 1-1 day with Jane. I felt I needed the 1-1 so I could ask any questions as I was actually making melts instead having to stop type my questions in and wait for replies. Also having someone explain the legal side of things and being able to ask if I wasn't sure was great as sometimes no matter how many times you read something if you don't understand it you need someone to explain it in a different way.

Q - Did you think making products would be easier than it was? What's been your biggest struggle with making?

A - Doesn't everyone think it's easier than it turns out to be ? I've always been good at following recipes but there are so many external variables that come into play with making wax products. I would say my biggest struggle has been room temperature I make my melts in my kitchen and it's north facing so it's always cool so I've had issues when my melts are setting but you just have to experiment until you find what works for you. What works for me may not work for the next person so it's vital to do your own research and testing keep records of everything.

Q - How did you come up with the name of your business?

A - It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, most of the names I came up with or liked were already being used. In the end and I don't know what took me so long because it was right in front of me I made up a word based on the names of our two dogs so the first three letters of one and the last three letters of the other. It also meant it was highly unlikely to be in use already.

Q - Tech! do you find it easy or have you struggled with this? Have you had help to build  your website or with any of your social media?

A - I HATE the tech side of things I struggle with this, I don't have a tech background my previous career I didn't use a computer we didn't even have one in the building ! I do have a website which I spent my redundancy money paying a local firm to build for me and they very kindly look after me. I have a Facebook page and an Instagram page I'm more comfortable with Facebook. I have joined some help groups on Facebook to learn more about social media and have learnt a lot but I am by no means fluent but it has been very helpful.

Q - How do you sell your products? Is it through a Website, Fairs, Etsy or Wholesale?

A - Have my own website and I attend fairs and Artisan markets. I don't feel that I am established enough or big enough to offer wholesale and at the moment it's not something I'm going to persue.

Q - How long has it taken you to get your business off the ground?

A - My business has been open just under a year and a half, I do feel I'm not quite where I want to be yet but I'm getting repeat custom from a a few core customers and repeat custom at a regular artisan market I attend.

Q - What has been the thing that's kept you going when things have felt difficult?

A - I believe in my product, I know it does what I want it to do. I'm proud of how far I have come, how much I have learnt and grown as a person. It's a very steep learning curve and there is always more to learn.

Q - What is a typical day for you now, do yoy feel you have a good work/life balance?

A - I get up, take the dog for a walk and think about what I need to do that day, make a list and then work my way through it. It may be a day of pouring wax melts or admin or stock checking for an event, reordering things. I make sure I balance things out and try to get as much done in a morning as possible and slow down in the afternoons. If I am not at an event at the weekend I switch off completely ( I may plan my weeks social media posts Sunday afternoon if I'm at home ) if I work a weekend I make sure I have some me time during the week.

Q - Are there any aspects of running a business that you wish you didn't have to do?

A - All the tech side of things definitely ( only because I struggle with it )

Q - What are the goals for the future of your business?

A - To steadily grow as a business and be a brand people can trust. I'm looking into introducing some new products in the future to expand my range but at a pace I can cope with and still enjoy doing it.

It's great to see Joanna's business is flourishing. Her persistence is really paying off and great to see her enjoying getting out to fairs. Joanna openly admits she is shy and so getting your brand out there in public is a massive achievement and I love the way she is slowly mastering social media, when she had no technical background at all.

Making your own home fragrance products can be so rewarding and fun, if a little daunting and overwhelming at first.

It is ideal if you're a new mum and would love it if you could work from home around your new family.

You might be a student and looking for something to do between study to provide some extra income.

Or maybe, you're retired or about to go into retirement and you are so active the thought of having time on your hands leaves you feeling cold. It's never too late to start a business or side hustle. 

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