The Mentorship - [Believe, Achieve, Succeed] - The Group Program

Providing guidance, showing you the possibilities and supporting you to achieve your goals


Mentorship is your best bet to grow

Smart - Savvy people do mentorship, they take a progressive approach to building a solid business.

When building a business of your dreams, anything is possible. We all have the opportunity in life to push forwards and I would love to help you create the ultimate candle making brand.

Whether you are at the beginning of your business journey, or have goals to step up to the next level, there are always challenges, but there is always a way and over six months  I'm going to help you.

This is the [BETA] version of the group mentorship program, it will bring a small group of home fragrance businesses together, to build confidence, to push further, to become the best they can, to achieve goals.

I feel so much better about where my small business is going. It was so nice to get honest, realistic feedback. I think it will help me grow a lot. So much good advice and great tips. 100% recommend.

Gabriella @karma Glow by Ela

Why mentoring?

A mentorship program is designed to give you intensive support and guidance. I've been in your shoes and I know how daunting and lonely it is when starting out. The times when it would be so easy to give up!

You can learn from my mistakes, my business tips, my passion and my desire to succeed.

I love to spread my knowledge, sharing my vision to support and help you build essential skills, show you the possibilities, to make the right choice's that achieve goals and happiness.

 "A mentor is not someone who walks ahead of us and tells us how they did it.
A mentor is someone who walks alongside us to guide us on what we can do." 

Simon Sinek

The Mentorship Program is for you
 if you -

This Program is not for you if -

 *You're not serious about building a professional brand

*You haven't got the time to commit and give up easily

*You're quite happy following what everyone else is doing and not bothered about being different

*You don't like being pushed out of your comfort zone

*You prefer to learn alone and not part of a group

How does the six month Mentorship Program work?

Monthly Power Hour Sessions

Each month, there will be two separate live group power hour sessions. We will come together to work on tasks, mindset, motivation, launches, formulas and problems, set accountability and goals for the following month.

Individual Coaching Call

Each member will receive two 45 minute coaching calls during the six month program.
Giving you the opportunity to work on specific areas of your business.
These can be taken anytime during the six month program.

Pop Up  Facebook Group

You will have access to me and your peers so you can feel secure in knowing you're never on your own, via a separate pop up Facebook group for the six month program

 "6 months ago I embarked on an adventure of a lifetime. I came to see Jane at her studio for 1:1 tuition with a folder full of ideas, a head full of dreams. Jane was professional, informative and inspiring. I left feeling confident that I was doing the right thing, that time, the effort and the investment in my candle ideas would prosper one day. 
I was not disappointed. 6 months later I launched my business and within weeks was being approached by shops and unable to keep up with orders. 
The dream is now a reality thanks to Jane and her expertise. She provides ongoing support and is always on point with her advice. 
Do not think twice about enlisting Jane's help, it could make all the difference." 

Lisa Joyce
Aphrodite Candles

  • Believe, Achieve, Succeed - Group Mentorship



    [BETA] Group Mentorship Program

    Yes! I need this
  • Believe, Achieve, Succeed - Group Mentorship
  • 2 payments of


    per month

    [Beta] Group Mentorship Program

    Yes! I need this
  • Believe, Achieve, Succeed - Group Mentorship
  • 6 payments of


    per month

    [Beta] Group Mentorship Program

    Yes! I need this

Frequently Asked Questions

We work together for six months. A mixture of twice monthly group zoom calls, a designated unlimited access, Whats App group (monday to friday) and a pop up Facebook group.
Each member has two 45 minute coaching calls.

No refunds are available for the mentorship program

Yes, the program benefits both start-ups and people who have been in business a while

Our twice monthly power hour sessions are held over zoom/messenger rooms. Unlimited access via Whats App and a Facebook group

Yes! the beta version is at least £200 less than the group program will be when out of beta.

TBC - 31st January 2022

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